Meat processing machines

The essence of any industrial plant is a modern machine park. Due to the high specialization within the food industry, the production is built-based on machinery intended for very specific tasks.

The Kesmet offer includes guillotines, tumblers, meat processing equipment, mixers, separators and grinders. All types of machines have many features depending on the nature of tasks for which they are intended. Some pieces of specialized equipment are recommended for large-scale operations in big manufacturing plants, others are more suitable for medium-size or small-scale businesses like e.g. family bakeries. All the machines simplify the production process and make the work of the operating staff more efficient. Specialized machinery can work at different speed levels at various stages of production. The machines may be driven by a built-in electrical motor, or, if necessary, cool the intermediates obtained in the process of production. The operation of the machines can be observed through the viewfinder. Our machines are equipped with a modern touch control panel. Some functions can be adjusted automatically.

Kesmet meat processing machines are made of a high-grade acid resistant stainless steel in order to work efficiently with various foodstuffs within various industries or in laboratories.