Grinders are industrial machines designed for comminuting raw meat and skins, both fresh or frozen down to -20oC. Smaller devices are used for grinding cheese, fruit and vegetables.

Our grinders are adjustable allowing to control the size of the obtained granules. They may be additionally equipped with special devices to separate waste products such as cartilage and bone particles, or films or strands of fruit pulp from the minced produce. Kesmet grinders adjust the quantity and volume of  the processed raw materials that is fed into the machine. They can work at two speed levels.

Our machines are made of the high-grade acid resistant stainless steel. We make sure that Kesmet grinders meet health and safety requirements, and facilitate the work of the people operating them. The chief and most frequently used components of our grinders are manufactured on modern CNC machines. Our experience and expertise in the field assure the highest quality of the Kesmet equipment. All the machine parts must meet particular EU standards and guarantee the preservation of an adequate level of sanitation.