Guillotines are machines used for cutting and grinding the raw produce frozen down to a -25oC. The resulting product has the shape of a block or a cube, depending on the settings of the adjustable knives and head. The meat blocks are processed further by grinders and cutters. Guillotines are equipped with a beveled table for easy shifting of the blocks for further processing steps. Loading of the produce is carried out pneumatically.

Kesmet guillotine’s capacity amounts to 3 tons per hour. It is used for the initial meat handling in meat products processing plants. The largest meat blocks obtained are almost 0.5m long.

Our machines meet all health and safety requirements. They are fitted with the necessary protection devices against slipping out of the block, drooping parts, etc. Kesmet guillotines are made of high-grade acid resistant stainless steel. They are fitted with modern design solutions, e.g. the loading trolleys are detected automatically. All the machines on our offer have components from leading manufacturers to ensure a stable performance for long working time.