Hydraulic loadings

Hydraulic loadings, or tippers are used for loading the ingredients for processing on other machines or to unload stuffing trolleys. Load capacity is up to 200 liters. Tippers can lift a quarter of a ton. Depending on how the material is to be loaded there are hydraulic trolleys and chain hoist trolleys available.

Some models of our tippers have the push travel function  which significantly streamlines the process of production. They can work as a stand-alone machine or be attached to other devices, all due to a stable structure. Operation of such machines is not complicated. In addition, they are easy to clean which allows to meet the strict sanitation guidelines. Tippers can be used in meat and other food stuffs processing, the quality and taste of which are appreciated by the consumers.

The construction of tippers is made by welding elements of acid resistant stainless steel. The selected components come from reputable, reliable companies. The efficiency of the components applied in our machinery can be confirmed by our customers. The efficiency of the components used makes Kesmet machinery meet longevity requirements.