Ice Generators

Ice generators extrude dry ice of a temperature -5 to -9°C. The ice maker systems are extremely useful in the food industry not only at the production stage, but primarily for storage. The design of the ice machines allows to sustain ideal sanitary parameters of the cooled raw material, and provides rapid absorption. Widely used in the meat industry, as well as in the fish and vegetables processing plants.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, we can design a compact, self-contained unit or a modular system allowing for a remote installation of the refrigeration aggregate.

Scale ice generators, which is the full name of the presented machines, are made of acid resistant stainless steel. The whole machine is cubic in shape. Simple design allows to maintain high sanitary standards. The collected scales of ice land safely in an insulated container, ready-made for further use.

The high quality of steel of the brand-name components ensures a long-term operation.