Industrial Cleaners

Every process of production generates waste products and soiling. In the case of heavy-duty machinery used for meat and food processing, this may lead to poisoning, the risk of which is mandatorily to be reduced with the application of industrial cleaners. They are used to clean the pallets, crates, containers and trolleys. Our offer also includes cleaners equipped with drying function which accelerates the reuse of the freshly cleaned object. Some models of industrial cleaners are fitted with a chamber and resemble a dishwasher into which dirty dishware and cutlery is loaded. This solution applied in our industrial cleaners allows to effectively wash e.g. a trolley, at the appropriate temperature, mess free, and with no extracting steam.

The housing of Kesmet cleaners is made of acid resistant stainless steel. Inside the casing there are sections intended for different functions: washing, rinsing, and in models fitted with such feature – drying. Inside the case of the stuffing carrying trolleys there are two chambers – one for loading, and another for washing and rinsing. Depending on the model, the Kesmet industrial cleaners can be controlled in various ways – via the control panel, analog control or automatically.

Kesmet industrial cleaners clean the loaded content thoroughly, and at the same time they are easy to keep clean.