Meat Injectors

Meat injectors are heavy duty machinery used to inject semi-finished meat products with brine solution. Brine is mixed with spices. This treatment increases the efficiency of production and adds flavor and zest to the end-product. Injection is performed by the needle attachments with needles of various diameters ranging from 2 to 4 mm.

The machine design was created by welding together individual parts made from high quality acid resistant stainless steel. Meat injecting machines are designed in such a way that brine does not leak into the machine. The construction of the device allows for easy removal of the most frequently used moving parts (belts), which makes it easy to wash.

Our stainless steel products meet the European standards, are safe for the operating staff, and  come with different control systems options. Thanks to Kesmet stainless steel products our customers can build modern machine parks which make the production process more efficient. Kesmet industrial machines are manufactured with materials of first-quality to obtain minimum wear and ensure a stable performance for long working time. This is confirmed by our experience.