A mixer, as the name suggests, is a production machine for mixing specific ingredients. They are designed to work in such a way as to eliminate from the processed masses particles of air and contaminants. As a result, the product obtained is gaining in quality, and the whole process of production is more efficient.

Mixers are purchased by companies operating in food industry, or for meat plants, delis, and bakeries. Our offer is addressed mainly for medium- and small-scale customers. Various laboratories also find interest in this product. Our mixers are equipped with a cooling device. Certain functions are automated, e.g. the blending mode. Although  some operations have to be done manually, the whole work process is controlled by the modern in-built software. Larger machines are fitted with hydraulic jacks and facilitate unloading into carts or onto a conveyor belt.

The machine is a welded construction made of acid resistant stainless steel. It has a polished or sanded finish. Our mixers are fitted with components from reputable and reliable manufacturers.