The products of animal origin are often labeled: mechanically separated meat (MSM, MDM – mechanically deboned meat)). This process is done by separators. Their work precision determines the quality of the resulting food product. Kesmet separators are tailor-made to the needs and requirements of a particular undertaking. Their manufacture is based on our experience, as well as customer reviews.

Separators are machines designed for mechanical deboning in the industrial production of meat and other food products. They provide mechanical separation of residual meat from carcass and poultry bones, pork ribs, loin or neck, pork and beef cartilage, fishbone waste.  They separate the bone from the edible meat tissue, fishbone from fish and pulp from fruits and vegetables. The resulting meat product is low in calcium. After removal of the waste the MDM can be obtained on the finest separator head. The separators on our offer come in two sizes: with the capacity of up to 1,000 or to 3,500 kg load /h.

The machine is made of high-grade stainless steel. It is characterized by low noise level and adjustable low speed. In the process of production the temperature remains almost unchanged. Depending on the batch the Kesmet separators can obtain productions between 35% to 85%.