Vacuum tumblers

Vacuum tumblers are industrial machines used to change the properties of raw meat. This stage in the production of sausages and meat processing follows grinding and cutting, and comes before mixing and blending. Tumbling makes the processed meat more flexible, with better water absorption quality, more tender and less elastic. The machine bends, twists, squeezes and stretches the meat, all of which contributes to the improvement in the structure and the color of the produce.

Tumbling takes place in a specialized drum accessible for the operator through a design hole. The machine is equipped with a separator. Kesmet tumblers have acid resistant stainless steel housing. They are also easy to clean which ensures maintaining high sanitary requirements. Some models have a chiller. It is a stand-alone device which can be set up remotely, i.e. outside the plant facility.

Our tumblers have a number of accessory devices. We especially recommend the use of components facilitating loading which streamlines the entire production process.