The innovative production line in "KESMET" - we will create products of stainless steel that fit for the 21st Century

“KESMET” Company, which specializes in the production of stainless and acid resistant steel, has implemented innovative solutions that allow us to raise the quality of products while maintaining an affordable price.

The highest care in finishing products, modern design and the ability to personalize individual ordered items, are our distinguishing features.

Innovative products in KESMET offer

The new machines are used to produce the highest quality products made of stainless and acid resistant steel. The innovative equipment allows us to instant execution of orders while maintaining the highest quality.

Production includes:

  • – stainless steel door (freezer, lightweight and  garage doors)
  • – transition profiles (designed for transition from floor to door-frame)
  • – meat processing machines
  • -heavy duty drainages (mainly for food and construction industry)
  • -special products made for medical and energy industry)
  • – stainless steel furniture (i.a. for railway, restaurants, hotels and food industry)
  • – linear drainage channels with dedicated patterns

Heavy duty drainages – grates and trench drains

We are able to create innovative drainages for industry with the use of modern equipment. We create trench drains made of stainless steel with a length of up to 3100 mm in one piece and very durable grates, resistant to the greatest pressure (covers have a thickness of more than 10 mm). It is possible to burn any inscription or design on the covers.

Shower drainages with dedicated engravers 

Modern machinery allows KESMET Company to perform designer drainage channels to private bathrooms. Products are created for individual customer orders. Drainages have a length of 3100 mm in one piece. It is possible to create any pattern on easel covers.

Furniture and door made of stainless steel

The new production line is also used for the production of stainless steel furniture. It is a solution for industrial factories, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, as well as, chemical laboratories and cold stores. We produce among others:

  • -chill cabinet
  • -cutting tables
  • -laboratory tables
  • – cupboards and stillage
  • – cases
  • – bar tables
  • – trash bins
  • -transport trollyes

All  KESMET furniture meet the most stringent sanitary requirements, and therefore is ideal for applications requiring the utmost hygiene.

In KESMET product range there are  also available stainless steel doors with polyurethane foam fillings. The doors are made for an individual order and their exact parameters are adapted to customer requirements. They are used in industry and in cold stores and freezers.

Stainless steel transition profiles

Another product offered by KESMET is stainless steel transition profile which is designed for switching protection between floors and door-frames in industrial factories. Transition profiles are made of high-quality stainless steel resistant to moisture, clogging and fungi growing. The innovative equipment allows us to create transition profiles adjoining to various types of surfaces providing the highest tightness of obtained surface.



Kratka mocna okrągła do przemysłu
Kratka z pokrywą pod płytkę
Kratka bardzo mocna boczna z okragłą pokrywą
Kratka mini z pokrywą antypoślizgową
Kratka indywidualna z odejściem bocznym

What our customers can gain ?

The advanced technology of laser cutting and welding, gives a number of advantages for our customers. Products are created for an individual order and the advanced technology allows us not only to immediate processing of orders, but also to achieve 100 percent repeatability.

Unique products

Innovative machines enable laser cutting of even the most complex contours and finishes. We are able to burn complex patterns on aluminum and stainless, black or acid resistant  steel. It allows us to the fashionable personalization of created products.

We are able to create any inscription or pattern on linear drainage channels for private bathroom, chosen by the customer. It allows you to create modern interior design. A similar principle is used for the industrial drainage systems – grates, channels and covers are precisely tailored to the specifics of a particular building.

Take advantage of “KESMET” offer and use extraordinary opportunities for innovative solutions
that fit for the 21st Century in your company or home.

 The Project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Found in the Operation Program
for Silesia province for the years 2014-2020.

Project’s name: “Increase of the competitiveness of the enterprise through implementation of  innovative technology production
for stainless and acid resistant steel components”.