Stainless steel skirting boards

Stainless steel skirting boards are designed to protect all the hard to reach places of the interior, especially the corners, the joints between the wall surface and the floor, and door frames at the rooms entrance. Industrial plants or special purpose facilities have high sanitary requirements, hence our product needs to be top quality and resistant to the conditions prevailing in a given location. Our stainless steel skirting boards do not corrode, they are strong, and they can be intensively cleaned depending on the soiling.

We design and manufacture the stainless steel profiles very precisely so that during the assembly they can be attached firmly to the surface for tight protection of the walls and floors. Kesmet stainless steel skirting boards adhere to many types of surfaces, i.e. tiles, or concrete floor. They may be concave in shape compared to the height of the tiles placed on the wall and floor. The profiles can be recessed into the floor during casting.

Kesmet skirting boards do not deform and they prevent the growth of fungi in places of high humidity. Also, they are stain resistant and easy to wash.

Types and cross-sections of the outer skirting boards