Shower channels

Shower channels are necessary in hotel bathrooms. In order to maintain the high hygiene standards a common solution are drainage channels mounted in the floor. The floor should be on a gentle slope towards the drain for easier water drainage.

Shower channels usually consist of a tray, outlet surface and sludge trap. It is all covered by a cover, or a grate. The most important feature of the grate is the flow rate. Efficient floor drains contribute to a good corporate image of business entities, sports facilities and all the establishments in which they are installed. For our clients – the owners and managers of these premises it is important to care for the health and comfort of people using the facility showers.

Kesmet products are aesthetic and durable, as well as resistant to corrosion. Apart from the linear drainage channels, we are the producers of the corner and wall drainage channels. The standard channels are in the shape of a square, and they are optionally fitted with a flange.  Additionally, we offer cuffs and foot mounts. With a wide range of products on offer we are prepared to cater for individual customer requests.