Linear drains

Linear shower drains are a type of drainage system that guarantees a high standard of hygiene in bathrooms, cleaning facilities and other places where this type of equipment is required. They are used in manufacturing companies, in the hotel industry or in private apartments.

Made of stainless steel due to prevailing conditions, i.e. humidity, they are durable and easy to clean. Linear shower drains are very aesthetic, minimalist in form and have modern design all of which contributes to the elegant and contemporary wet room interior, be it in a private house or accommodation facilities.

Shower drains are intended for fitting in the floor. Insulated flooring models are more commonly applied in wet rooms in various sports facilities or industrial plants, where the shower is used by several people simultaneously. Floors without insulation layer are rather a domain of private space. Linear drains, unlike point drains,  are assembled along solid walls or partition walls, at the edges of the shower cabin and shower area.