Gutter channel drains

Gutter channel drains are applied in production halls, i.e. in food industry, where the continuous maintenance of strict hygiene standards greatly affects the quality of products. At the same time, one must keep in mind the safety of working staff, and the provision of decent working conditions. Gutter channel drain solutions allow quick outflow of medium and large water discharge.

They are easy to clean which prevents accumulation of solid residue that could spoil, rust, and thus cause damage when remaining inside the drain. This is particularly important for restaurants, hospitals, laboratories or on the premises where the equipment operates in specific working conditions.

Kesmet gutter channel drains are  durable, easy to clean and highly functional. We adjust to the needs of the customer. They are produced in accordance with the applicable norms. We offer channels of different shapes and sizes. We help the customer to select of a suitable grill which functions as first selecting screen for particular liquid waste.