Industrial drainage channels

Industrial drainage channels are used primarily in the construction and food industries. They are ideal for applications i.e. in production plants where high standards of hygiene are required. Industrial drainage channels dispose of  large volumes of  soiled liquid, contribute to the overall quality of the manufactured product and bring comfort to the production staff. Industrial drainage system can be installed on the shop floor, but also remotely, outside the plant, as a part of or an extension of the gutter system. The used material which guarantees the durability and easy maintenance of Kesmet drainage channels is stainless steel.

We produce floor drains and sewers.

Both types of drainage systems have different types of covers, depending on the type and size of prospective deposits, the amount of soiling and the site of installation – sometimes the most important requirement is the use of  anti-slip cover, to meet health and safety standards. Depending on the individual project the drainage system can be horizontal or vertical. Some of the drain models have a built-in siphon, which is removable.

Sewers have a much higher flow rate than floor drains. The connection to the manhole drain increases the functionality of the drainage system. The assembly strips shown in the picture help to properly set the channel when casting the floor.