Stainless steel doors

The stainless steel doors are intended for premises which require high standards of cleanliness and sanitation. The rooms separated by such doors typically have specific internal conditions. This requires the use of the high-grade steel such as ASI 304  or  ASI 316 L .

The simple design of the door is characterized by maintenance ease. The core of the door panel is filled with the polyurethane foam. Due to its properties it provides thermal insulation in the rooms with low temperatures, high humidity, or spaces where the conditions are different from the standard parameters of the interior in general. The foam is also used as a precautionary measure to prevent doors from warping.

Kesmet doors are custom-made. In the design phase we take into account and examine all the customer’s guidelines. We make sure that the finished product is strong and durable, as well as it meets customer-specific product optimization regarding product’s functionality in everyday operation. Depending on the type of the room and the prevailing internal conditions there are three types of doors available: industrial doors, cold-store doors, and freezing doors.