CNC laser cutting

Laser Kesmet provides services in machining of metal products including:

  • Laser engraving and marking
  • Laser cutting of metal: aluminum, stainless steel, construction steel
  • 3000 mm press metal cutting
  • 3000 mm guillotine metal cutting

Laser cutting ensures precise accuracy at relatively high cutting speed which allows a significant reduction of the processing times (no additional machining is required to further process the metal components). We try to minimize the post-production material waste.

Advantages of laser cutting include:

  • Accuracy and production repeatability
  • Narrow incision (kerf) width
  • Smooth surface finish and low risk of material deformation at the cutting
  • Low amount of waste

The laser cutting charge depends on the type and thickness of the material, and on the shape of the part. The cost of a laser-cut part is calculated based on electronic documentation (AutoCAD, -.dxf, -.dwg) submitted to us.

If no electronic documents are available, you can send us a drawing of a part to be laser-cut via email or facsimile.

Technical parameters TruLaser 3030
Working range: X axis: 3000 mm Y axis: 1500 mm Z axis: 50 mm
Max. sheet thickness: 20 mm (structural steel) 10 mm (high-grade stainless steel) 8 mm (aluminium)
Max. axis speed: 85 m/min (simultaneously, aprox.)
TRUMPF CO2-Laser: TruFlow 2000 / 2700 / 3200 / 4000