Point drains

Shower drainage systems are used in industrial plants, hotels and private homes. They provide hygiene and safety. Applied in various industrial plants, they meet high safety and health standards. Popular also with individual customers, in bathrooms with no shower base.

More and more guesthouses and similar accommodation facilities, as well as single-family, private bathrooms are equipped with floor-to-floor showers, where the tiling is on a slight slope towards the center of the cabin floor. In the center there are point shower drains, i.e. inlets with grates fitted with drainage siphon of proper throughput capacity, and drainage connections for easy installation in the network of sewer pipes. They are complemented by a cover, the choice of which depends on the prospective volume and type of soiling, as well as the interior design of the wet room in which they will be applied.

Point drains can be extended with e.g. flanges, additional elements to facilitate mounting, e.g. screws. Depending on the type of point drain system they can be fitted in the floor with or without insulation layer.