Sewage drain grates

Kesmet sewage drain grates are a wide range of drainage systems made of high quality stainless steel. Their main task is to maintain a proper level of hygiene at the site of their application. With a range of sizes and types available in our offer we can manufacture or tailor-make grates matching the installation site requirements.

We offer the following types of cover grates: lattice, anti-dust, non-slip and ribbed. The drainage grate is fitted with additional side or bottom drains for tight installation in drainage channels.

Sewage drain grates are installed in industrial plants dealing with food production, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or in cold stores. These are special-purpose facilities, where the prevailing conditions require the application of durable equipment that meets health and safety standards.

When choosing a sewage drain grate, pay attention to the amount of liquid that needs to be drained and match the width of the drainage pipe. Also the amount of liquid waste that will flow through the drainage system needs to be considered. Similarly, the contact pressure is a crucial parameter, especially when the grate is mounted at the site of trucks or heavy-duty vehicles traffic.